Agriculture has changed forever.

For us, a great monitoring system shouldn’t just monitor a farmer’s field. For us, a great monitoring system should make the farmer’s life easier by minimising his risk and maximising his yield. It should be there to protect his investment and help him sort out every single problem he faces. For us, a great monitoring system should make farmers happy. Farmers that use geabit for the first time achieve 30% increase in yield on average and oh, boy, they are Happy!

Plant disease and pest forecasting

Helps avoid losses in crop yields caused by plant diseases or pests with our extremely accurate AI-based forecasts.

Improved irrigation control

Monitors farms with sophisticated soil sensors, improving yields and reducing water consumption.

Tailored guidance to improve planning

Maximizes yield through smart variety allocation, planting dates and harvest planning.

Post harvest crop monitoring

After a harvest leaves the field, geabit can be mounted to its base in order to track crops' storage condition.

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